Program Committee

The Program Committee plans and provides superior educational programs for our members and the community. The task of the Committee is to find relevant and timely topics of interest to members and to identify experts on those topics. Recent topics we have presented include applying the Virginia Satir model, child therapy, evidence-based practice, sex therapy, and sex addiction. Our presenters are typically Society members who can provide stimulating post-graduate and advanced educational experiences for clinicians.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Program Committee, please contact Semra Kecelioglu at [email protected].

Membership Committee

The membership committee conducts outreach to increase awareness about the society and about the benefits of membership. In addition to welcoming new members, the membership committee is also tasked with understanding and responding to the needs of its current members. Contacting new members by phone is our way of providing a warm welcome, in addition to learning more about our members and their motivation for joining the NCSCSW. The membership committee has begun to implement bi-monthly networking socials in various locations around a triangle for members and nonmembers alike to gather after work in an informal setting for support, networking, and staying connected to the pulse of what's going on in and around the field.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the membership committee, please contact Chenita Rountree at [email protected].

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee has had an exciting year of overhauling our website, including creating a searchable membership listing where potential clients can more easily find our members. The Committee is responsible for creating interactive resources and news items and providing Society members with pertinent information related to clinical social work.

This Committee gives members an opportunity to publish their work, and advertise to other Society Members regarding any upcoming workshops, available office space, or advocacy opportunities occurring. This Committee seeks new articles from its members. If you are interested in being a part of this Committee, please contact Jessica Jeremiah at [email protected].

Advocacy Committee

The Committee represents the clinical social work profession in mental health policy making and insurance matters. The Committee reviews proposed state and federal legislation and social work licensing policy. It helps maintain clinical social workers as providers under public and private insurance companies, and works to maintain and protect clinical social workers' capacity to practice and receive reimbursement. It serves as an informational liaison between business and industry and Society membership, and represents clinical social work at the multi-disciplinary Joint Insurance Committee.

The Advocacy Committee also represents NCSCSW at the Professional Association Council (PAC), a professional coalition that is actively following and making recommendations to DMH/DD/SA as they work toward Medicaid reform. We need input and involvement from social workers around the state who are impacted by and/or influencing Medicaid reform. If you are interested in the integrated care model that will be developing and/or are interested in becoming involved with the Advocacy Committee, please contact NCSCSW President Chenita Rountree at [email protected].

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee provides information, in general form, for each newsletter and we will suggest to members where they can find answers to their Ethics questions (via reference to the Code of Ethics and the licensure regulations/statutes.) Additionally, we partner with the Program Committee to plan the yearly Ethics Conference. If you are interested in joining the Ethics Committee, please contact [email protected].

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee links Students, Members, and New Professionals with seasoned clinicians. A mentor will provide assistance in the transition from graduate school to beginning clinical practice, networking, discovering resources, and integrating into the Clinical Society and the professional clinical social work community. The mentor-protégé relationship will not serve as supervisory in any way but rather is career focused. The mentor is interested in the growth and development of the protégé; eager to share knowledge and expertise, as well as serve in a generally supportive role. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or protégé, please go to the Mentorship program page to complete the online application. If you have any questions email the Mentorship Committee Chair at [email protected].

Student Representatives

Student Representatives are second year MSW students who attend Board meetings as a board member and relay information from the Board to School of Social Work Students. Duties include delivering information about upcoming local programs to all other School of Social Work students. In addition, students may be involved in acting as liaisons in joint ventures between the Schools of Social Work and the Clinical Society. If you are a student interested in being a Student Representative please contact NCSCSW President Chenita Rountree or [email protected].