Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Committee, through the Mentorship program, links members who are students, new professionals, or clinicians going through a career transition with experienced clinicians.  A mentor will provide assistance in beginning clinical practice, networking, discovering resources, and integrating into both the Clinical Society and the professional social work community. 
The mentor-protégé relationship will primarily focus on career goals, and not be a supervisory relationship.   Mentors are interested in the growth and development of their protégé; eager to share knowledge and expertise, as well as provide support. As a benefit for serving as a mentor, you'll receive:
  • Mentorship recognition certificate/reward

  • $50 off a NCSCSW event or conference

  • Recognition at the NCSCSW ethics conference and at the event or conference immediately following the completion of the 12-month mentorship commitment

The current commitment of the mentor-protégé relationship is 3 1/2-hour phone calls or in-person meetings. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or protégé, please complete the appropriate forms below.

Mentor Application

Protégé Application

If you have any difficulty with the application process or have questions please contact the Mentorship Committee Chair at [email protected]